When is the time to revamp your website?

September 23, 2021
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In todays world the internet is more important than ever. With an average of 3.4 billion searches on google a day, almost everything happens online. So it’s not surprising that websites are becoming more important for you and your business. When you want to get the best out of your website you need an updated website. The website needs to in line with the changes in technology and design trends. But how do you know that your website needs a revamp?

Your website has outdated technology

Technology is changing really fast, sometimes your website platform can not keep up with the pace of the changing technology. When this is the case with your website, you should reconsider revamping. New technology offers better features and are more user friendly.

Your design is outdated

First impressions are really important. Visitors have made an opinion about your site within a few seconds. Within these seconds they make a decision if they want to stay or if they want to leave. When your site has an old or an amateurish look there is a huge possibility that your visitors leave. Visitors tend to stay when the website design is fresh and professional.

Your website is only build for desktops

Nowadays people tend to surf on the internet more on their phone or tablet. Desktops is not the only way to visit sites. When people land on a site which is built for desktops the site gets unclear and doesn’t always work and the visitors will get frustrated.

The focus of your business is changed

Sometimes the focus of your business changes, it’s important that these changes are also implemented on your website. With modern technology it’s easy to implement it to your website.

Your website does not achieve the desired results

When your website does not generate the amount of visitors that you had in mind you might need to take a look at SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and can help you get a higher position within search engines. SEO is as opposed to SEA free and therefor a sustainable way to generate more visitors.
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