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In today’s modern, connected market, your web presence is the backbone of your business. Not only does your website need to be informative, useful, and easy to navigate, it also needs to be professional and pleasing to the eye.

Over the past 15 years, we have perfected the art of creating beautiful websites that include the latest tech and plug-ins. From home pages that immediately grab visitors’ attention to vivid product portfolios and effective, easy-to-use ecommerce tools, our sites position you for online success.

As a boutique website design firm, we work closely with our clients to build out the exact websites they are looking for, while at the same time serving as a professional sounding board for their ideas. Our sites are scalable for mobile devices, which makes them accessible to the nearly 80 percent of users who browse on smartphones and tablets. Written content is refined to effectively communicate your message without boring visitors, and visual assets and layout are customized to your niche and business.

We build websites on WordPress, which is the most popular CMS platform in existence. WordPress is an open-source platform that is easy to use and update and is widely used in the publishing and blogging industries. It also includes industry-leading, SEO-friendly code that helps your business position itself for maximum exposure.

Koa Creatives has built WordPress sites for clients throughout Hawaii, the US, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and the Caribbean.

What We Offer

Specific Areas of Focus

Elevated Web Design

We deliver impactful, visually compelling web experiences that keep visitors engaged. Our goal as a company is to remain at the forefront of web innovation and design trends, providing our clients with fresh, effective web content.

Branded Content

As with all of your marketing assets, your website needs to reflect your brand and help tell your business’s story. We integrate branded content throughout your website so that it feels like a natural extension of your company.

Responsive Web Design

The number one thing that drives people away from your site are poorly designed, non-responsive pages that are difficult to navigate and interact with. We focus on creating web pages that are both simple and engaging, ensuring that your visitors get your message, whether they click through on a computer or mobile device. Built-in settings adjust your content to any browser size, so that you are always mobile-compatible. 

Ecommerce Web Design

For many of our clients, converting visitors into customers is the end goal of the web experience, and it is important that the transition to ecommerce pages is as smooth as possible. We build your ecommerce platform around your business’s specific needs, ensuring that you have full control of your online inventory, sales process, and customer base. Most importantly, our web design ecommerce pages with minimal downtime and inefficiencies, reducing the chances that prospective customers leave your page halfway through the sales process. 

Content Management System Design

We understand the importance of being able to manage your own website and web content and integrate CMS solutions into all of our builds to ensure that you have all of the tools necessary to manage your online presence. Our simple interface allows easy access to the various pages of your site so you can make any necessary, ongoing updates, whether they are related to visual or written content or ecommerce inventory and sales