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The market has gone digital, and it is vital for your business to keep up with the times. Online and social media advertising should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, from PPC and paid social ads/influencers to online display advertising. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising are also essential to maximize your exposure and keep you relevant with all demographics.

Koa Creatives takes a holistic approach to online advertising, working closely with both our clients and our media partners. We provide access to tools, strategies, and results to everyone involved and often check in with clients and members of our teams to ensure that our strategies are effective and up to date. Whether we are focused on traditional search engine results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing or next-level targeting, we use a series of clearly defined conversion goals to ensure optimal results.

An important part of our advertising strategy is linking Google AdWords to your Google Analytics site so that we can continuously track a variety of metrics and goals. This process focuses on three stages—learning, optimization, and trimming—which allows us to efficiently refine your brand’s marketing strategy in real time. We are also able to test a number of different versions of ads and other content, analyzing the results through ROI and click-through conversions to identify the approaches that are most effective.

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What We Offer

Our marketing retainer structure ensures that you have a dedicated, informed team always available to evaluate and optimize your online and social ad campaigns, including targeted strategies for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising. Choose from a Design Retainer or Digital Marketing Retainer to ensure you are getting the personalized service you need at a price that works within your company’s budget.

Ultimately, we believe that the most effective online ad campaigns are those that are customized to our clients’ specific niches and needs. We consult with you directly throughout the marketing process to ensure that your ad campaign hits all relevant audiences and talking points, that it is in keeping with your required ROI, and that it uses proven, industry-wide best practices that generate quantifiable results.