Create an outstanding logo with these tips

January 28, 2022
Tips for creating an outstanding logo

Your logo is the first piece of branding that a potential customer sees. No wonder it’s so important. They are the piece of branding that tend to make the biggest impression on your potential customers. It tells a lot about a brand. When consumers connect with a logo they’re more inclined to invest time or money in the brand. Of course, it’s is definitely not the only element for successful branding. But most of the time it’s the center of the strategy of a brand. That’s why we’ll give you 4 tips to create an outstanding logo for your brand.

What is the story of your brand?

Before you can start to design, you’ll need to know what you want to radiate with your branding. Know your product and know your brand. What makes your brand different from other brands? What do you value? What you’ll discover in this phase can help you choose a strong design direction. This blog from Echostories can help you create your story and tell you why it’s so important.

Keep your logo appropriate and approachable

Your logo needs to be relevant to the ideas, values, and activities your brand represents. For example, a logo with a bright pink unicorn will not help you get your message to male pensioners.  Try to remember, it does not only need to be aesthetically pleasing is also need to sell your brand.

Be different

If your brand’s competitors are all using the same logo style try to set your branding apart from theirs by creating a logo in a different style. Doing something different can help your design to stand out and make your brand more recognizable.

Don’t be too literal

Your logo doesn’t have to show what your business is doing. An abstract logo is often more enduring. Try to make clear who you are. The meaning  will be added by the public.
Take a look at our portfolio for more logo inspiration.