3 Tips for effective visual storytelling

September 23, 2021
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A recent study shows that at least half of the population are visual learners. Visual storytelling can be used to break down complex topics and will help you to make more impact with your marketing efforts. Reason enough to dive into the wonderful world of visual storytelling!
1. Who is your audience?
First of all, you need to know who you want to target with your story. Obviously you tell a story in a different way to your grandma than you do to your colleague. When you know who you want to tell your story, it’s easier to come up with a clear story.
Ways to get to know your audience:
A.  Who are your customers?
B.  Where do they come from?
C.  What motivates them?
D.  What are their values?


2. Make it personal
You might know the saying “in a world full of roses be your own sunflower”. That might seem a little bit sentimental but within visual storytelling it the best advice I can give you. It makes your story more trustworthy and relatable. Try to define your voice and what your brand stands for. Your audience will feel more connected with your brand.
3. Show don’t tell
When you want to use visual storytelling, make sure that the visuals that you use strengthen the story or tell the story on their own.
A.  Empathize the visuals that really important to the story.
B.  Use color phycology to support your message.
C.  Choose images that stimulates more than one sense.


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Still don’t know where to start?
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